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Sunny loves the feathers on the 2017 October Pet-giftbox kicker! Check out the review here:

Ozma makes sure I get the lighting just right for our photoshoots!

"Aw. How cute is this strawberry catnip toy?! They were even licking the business card." @caitlincisar on Instagram

"Sniffin' snowballs... Crocheted Snowballs featured in Dearest Whiskers - December Edition." @dearestwhiskers on Instagram

"My sweet kitty playing with her new felt catnip Strawberries" @sadiebloomdesigns on Instagram

"Rico loves his MauveMoose surfboard he got in today's KitNipBox. Not pictured: 2 other cats in 'nip comas." @rjberf on Twitter

One of our shop cats, Rain, testing out the new Walking Dead mouse! Sent her into a frenzy!