The Tail of Four Felines

One frazzled family, four fantastic felines, plenty of fabulous cat toys!

The four felines fable starts with Australian Tortoiseshell, Azriel, who goes by Azzie! Her human was moving from Australia to India, and the human thought it would be too stressful for a delicate feline to make such a large cultural change. Because of this, the human gave Azzie to very good friends who decided the feline was a perfect fit for the family! Little did Azzie know she was going to go abroad, not to India but to the USA!

Four years later, Azzie was used to living with the family and the dog they (the dad) decided to adopt was in for a change. The child of the family, who was really not a child any longer, got a job at a stable and rescued four orphan kittens! Azzie was tormented for a week by four mewling munchkins, until three of the kittens were adopted by other amazing families. However, Azzie's family decided to keep the tuxedo-clad one and named him Rosco P. Coltrane!

This is where the story splits as the families child was all grown up and had moved out to start her new home. After a few months of living on her own she was lonely, and wished to rescue her own feline! Originally only going to adopt a single feline, her heart was changed by the two lovely sisters: Ozma and Oziandra "Rain". The mischievous pair decided they loved their new home and very shortly after being adopted fell into a daily routine of adorable antics!

As to the story of how this shop came to be, it is a little shorter than the prior one. When the child was young she started making cat toys for the local animal shelters, and her mom thought they would be perfect for the families farmers market booth. One thing lead to another and now the cat toys in the farmers market stall can be found in the homes of many feline fanatics and pet shops all over the world!